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What To Do Before And After Your Botox Treatment | McKinney, TX

What To Do Before And After Your Botox Treatment | McKinney, TX

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Choosing a treatment with Botox to eliminate wrinkles will guarantee optimal results. This substance is placed in a local manner in the area you are looking to improve, but, even though this treatment has an extremely wide margin of safety, it is necessary to follow a few steps before and after application to guarantee the best results and the least amount of possible complications.

Before your treatment

Before you start your Botox treatment it is important to follow a series of recommendations, especially if you are going to be focusing on your facial area. These recommendations are as follows:

  • Be older than 20 years of age and younger than 65.


  • Consult the facial treatment specialist from NextGen OMS, because the end results will depend on the patient’s muscle structure, the technique employed and the surgeon’s skills.


  • Do not keep any relevant information from your physician. Do not hide any information from your medical history to ensure you do not encounter any complications. Some of the things you should tell your doctor about are pregnancy, egg allergies, or neuromuscular conditions.


  • Ask your doctor that will be performing your treatment about any questions you may have about the procedure, no matter how irrelevant they may seem.


  • Do not drink alcohol in the days prior to your treatment. In case you consistently take any medication or nutritional supplement, ask your doctor if you can continue taking them. Remember that, in order for your treatment to be successful, you must let your physician know about everything you take, even if it’s labelled as natural.

After your Botox treatment

After your treatment, your physician will give you a series of instructions, the most important of which will be the following:

  • Avoid massaging the treated area for 24 hours afterward.
  • Do not use swimming pools or saunas, because they can reduce the effect of the treatment.
  • Do not perform intense physical activity and avoid being face down after your treatment.
  • Do not place your body in a horizontal position for at least 4 hours after your treatment.
  • Do not drink large amounts of alcohol.
  • Exercise the treated area for two weeks so your treatment is more effective.

It is important to keep in mind that the treatment with Botox is not permanent nor does it act equally on everybody. Within 3 or 4 months you might notice how the effects are slowly reduced and will disappear after 5 or 6 months. At this point you can repeat the treatment if you so desire.

Why should you choose Botox?

Among the most important advantages of using Botox, the reduction of the signs of aging and the avoidance of surgery are the most notorious. Additionally, it is minimally invasive, which allows the patient to return to his or her job and normal life immediately. The toxin can also change your life if you suffer from involuntary muscle tics. It does not require prior preparation and is an almost painless technique. It does not leave any scars and the end result is very natural looking.

Things to keep in mind

There are several common mistakes that should be avoided before and after receiving a treatment in McKinney, TX. Keeping these mistakes in mind will ensure optimal results and the complete avoidance of possible complications.

  • Alway follow the post-treatment precautions – even though bed rest is not necessary after the procedure, it is important you don’t touch the area for a minimum of 5 hours. Doing so might cause alterations of the diffusion, allowing it to touch other muscles. Exercise should be avoided in the day following the treatment and, because the treatment evolves over time, it is good to always consult the same physician every time for the successful adaptation to your evolution.


  • Make sure treatment is established according to the age of the patient – yes, it works in a very effective manner when it comes to getting rid of wrinkles. Nevertheless, after a certain age other problems may appear that should not be treated with this toxin, such as sagging skin, the loss of skin density and muscle strength. Additionally, even though the application of Botox can begin when a patient is over 20 years of age, the best age to get started is between 30 and 35.


  • Do not apply Botox in areas that aren’t recommended – there are areas of the face in which using this treatment can be risky. Its normal areas of application are limited to the upper third of the face, which is why outside of this area it will involve a risk that should be assumed by the physician. Some examples of these “delicate areas” are the lower eyelids, the neck or any area outside the recommendation limited to the upper part pointed out by experts. Medical criteria should prevail in cases in which the patient may place him or herself at risk. It is very important that there be a relationship based on trust between the physician and the patient, but the surgeon should always bank on treatments that enhance beauty with balance and ease, so the patient does not end up with “a different face”. The safety of the patient should always be placed above any possible risks in order to achieve the expected results.


  • Don’t ignore the risks – Placing yourself in expert hands, such as those at NextGen OMS, guarantees the use of high quality materials, as well as that of qualified professionals that control the technique, because it is not exempt from side effects. As with any treatment, side effects are a real possibility, which is why developing a good relationship with your physician is key to the success of your treatment.

When you decide to use Botox and have researched or asked your physician your most pressing questions about the effects of the procedure, you must make sure to take the proper precautions both before, as well as after the treatment to ensure you don’t have to endure any complications. Always place yourself in the hands of the experts at NextGen OMS in McKinney, TX and allow yourself to look and feel renewed at the hands of those who can turn you into a more beautiful version of you.