Doctor performing thyroid neck exam
Everything You Need to Know About Thyroid Surgery

You may not think much about your thyroid, but if you’re having problems, you’ll know. The thyroid is responsible for hormones that regulate a variety of conditions and actions in the body, and thyroid issues may be more common than you think.

In some cases, surgery is required to help heal issues with the thyroid, and that can be a scary thought. Surgery isn’t without risk, but with the right knowledge, you’ll be able to proceed with more confidence.

If your medical professional has recommended surgery, there’s no need to worry. We have everything you need to know right here, so you’ll be informed and ready.

Let’s take a look at the process from start to finish.

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Double Jaw Surgery
Double Jaw Surgery: Everything You Need to Know

Double jaw surgery was designed to help provide people with jaw alignment issues with the most optimal results. These include living a better, healthier life through a better functioning and positioned jaw.

In this article, we examine what double jaw surgery is, who it gets designed for, the different types of surgical procedures, the recovery process, and the potential dangers of the operation.

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TMJ Doctor & Specialist
TMJ Diagnosis: Treatments, Procedures, and Surgery

When we refer to the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ as it’s more commonly known, we’re talking about the hinge that connects the jaw to the skull. You may have never thought about its function, but the TMJ is critical in our daily life. Without it, our jaws wouldn’t be able to move up and down or side to side. The TMJ also allows us to talk, chew, and yawn.

Some people suffer from TMJ disorder, which causes them to experience pain and discomfort in the jaw. The symptoms of TMJ disorder commonly manifest themselves in several ways. These symptoms, which we’ll discuss in greater detail below, can be quite debilitating and require attention from a medical professional.

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Doctor performing surgery
Neck Masses & Lumps: Everything You Need to Know

If you have found you have a mass or lump on your neck, the most important step for you to take is to get it checked out by a professional. Often times, these lesions or bumps can be painful or serious. While doing your own in-depth research can be helpful, you should visit a doctor to get a true assessment of your neck condition as well as information on future steps and treatment.

For now, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about neck mass symptoms and neck lumps, as well as the symptoms and treatments that may go along with them.

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OMS Doctor performing a Laryngeal cancer exam
Everything You Need to Know About Laryngeal Cancer

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States, taking nearly 600,000 lives annually. It’s essential to understand that it is a collection of over 100 related conditions and not just one disease. Laryngeal cancer accounts for 1.8 percent of all deaths collectively with other pharynx and oral cavity cancers.

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