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Dental implant recovery tips in Frisco, TX

Dental implant recovery tips in Frisco, TX

For any Texas resident in Frisco, Plano, Richardson, McKinney, Little Elm, and The Colony, it can be confusing to know the best way to care for your dental implants after you get your procedure.

Talking with your oral surgeon about the dental implant surgery is important, but so is understanding the recovery process after dental implant insertion.

In fact, dental implant aftercare is a vital step to helping your mouth heal, alleviating pain, and fighting off infection. Check out this list of tips to help you recover from dental implant surgery as quickly as possible.

Begin immediately

Healing begins as soon as your dental implant procedure is over. Be sure you have a plan going into the dental implant procedure. Did you ask your physician about their recommendations for dental implant recovery and post-procedure care?

Control bleeding

It’s typical to experience bleeding from the surgical site following a dental implant placement procedure for up to 48-72 hours. Many physicians will recommend a process that involves biting down on gauze sponges to help stop persistent bleeding and promote blood clots.

Bleeding in the dental implant area can be more substantial than you may expect after having a dental implant placed. If the bleeding you experience seems excessive or heavy, be sure to let your physician know.

Take your medications

Anti-inflammatory drugs are used to relieve the discomfort and redness of mouth and gum problems following dental implant surgery. Your dentist may recommend a nonprescription anti-inflammatory drug — such as Motrin — to relieve mild pain and/or swelling caused by dental appliances, toothaches, and fevers. Tylenol may also be given. Be sure to ask your physician for specific guidelines on how to properly take any medications prescribed.

Minimize swelling

Swelling is a natural response from your body when recovering from a dental implant procedure. It’s a normal part of the healing process. To reduce the irritation and discomfort from any swelling that occurs, be sure to reduce your activity. Keep your head elevated and apply ice packs to the area regularly.

Get plenty of rest

Be sure to give yourself time to relax following your dental implant procedure. That means during the day as well as at night. Avoid exercise or any other activity that puts additional strain on your body. Sleep will be more complicated as your body recovers, so try to allow extra time to fall asleep and make sure your sleep environment is relaxing and promotes healthy sleep habits.

Making the Most of Your Recovery

Dealing with the after-effects of the dental implant operation can be difficult but following these dental implant recovery tips can help make your pain more manageable and avoid any further complications. Caring for your mouth after dental implant surgery isn’t difficult, it’s just a new regimen you’ll have to get used to.

Remember that, although minor, having dental implants inserted is a surgery and you should treat it like any other procedure. Talk with your doctor about these tips and what you can do to speed up the recovery process.

Keep in mind that everyone’s recovery process is different, too. While these tips will help you experience a healthy and fast dental implant, the time it takes your body to heal may be longer than others. For most patients following these tips, a full recovery happens between two and four weeks.

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