Siavash Siv Eftekhari, M.D., DMD


What are the benefits of office IV sedation

What are the benefits of office IV sedation

Benefits of IV Sedation

IV sedation involves administering medication intravenously (through a needle) while you undergo dental treatment. This anti-anxiety medication helps keep you calm and reduces nervousness during your appointment and procedure. There are some important benefits that this type of sedation offers.

Conscious Sedation

With IV sedation, you’re not fully unconscious as with general anesthesia. Although you will not fall asleep, you’re also not as fully aware of what is happening during your appointment. You can still respond to any verbal cues your dentist gives when having your teeth cleaned or having other dental work done. Your discomfort during your dental treatment is also reduced. IV sedation works well for patients with severe dental anxiety, who need stronger sedation than nitrous oxide.

Fast-Acting Sedation

IV sedation provides relief from nervousness quickly since the anti-anxiety medication goes right to your bloodstream. This type of sedation works faster than oral sedation or inhaled sedation. With IV sedation, you won’t wait long for the effects to kick in, which reduces your time at the dentist’s office.

Easy Dosage Adjustment

The use of IV sedation makes it easy for your dentist to adjust the dosage as needed. If you need a stronger dosage, for example, your dentist can make this adjustment. Easily adjustable dosages help ensure that you receive the correct amount needed to relieve dental anxiety.

Little to No Recall

IV sedation produces an amnesia-like effect, so you won’t remember much about your dental appointment. In some cases, patients don’t remember any details about their appointment. This helps reduce any associated unpleasant feelings with dental visits, which may help lower your risk of dental anxiety for upcoming appointments.