Siavash Siv Eftekhari, M.D., DMD


NextGen OMS: An Oral Surgeon Who Reimagines Treatment Your Way | Frisco, TX

NextGen OMS: An Oral Surgeon Who Reimagines Treatment Your Way | Frisco, TX

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The standard image of oral surgery isn’t much different than a regular dentist visit: a similar chair and maybe some sedation, a few extra health checks before the procedure and then the work gets underway. In many cases such as straightforward extractions, it’s not too stressful and many people just commit themselves to it and endure the process. Patients look forward to the results: braces to align the remaining teeth, removal of a painful tooth, the wisdom tooth rite of passage, and even infection control. At NextGen OMS, we provide our Frisco, TX area patients with great outcomes, but in a more personalized, supportive environment that makes a big difference in their care and dental experience.

An Exceptional Dentist/Physician

One of the strengths of our clinic is the combination of medical and dental practices as our oral surgeon has both DMD and MD degrees, providing a greater understanding of our patients’ oral health and overall physical health combined. Dr. Eftekhari is also one of the top-rated practitioners in the area, demonstrating that his skills also translate to excellent patient results. We know that often our patients’ dental anxiety is not just a matter of anticipating the experience, but can also be related to making sure that their medical needs are considered. That’s where our physician-dentist combination makes all the difference, allowing you to be sure that your dental care is being managed both for your oral and overall physical health. You can relax and be confident, you’re in the right place.

Comprehensive Treatment Planning

Life can get complicated and our patients may present with a variety of medical situations as well as needs that an oral surgeon can take care of. Conditions such as diabetes, chronic pain, and autoimmune diseases can affect both the patient’s recovery and their comfort during the procedure. A deeper understanding of the whole person allows us to design our treatment plan to work better with their needs. It’s important to us to include that big picture in our treatment planning for the best outcome for our oral and maxillofacial surgery clients.

Anesthesia and Care That Meets Your Needs

For some patients, a visit to the oral surgeon can be almost as straightforward as a trip to the general dentist. Local anesthetic takes care of the discomfort, and the procedure is quick, healing follows naturally. For many patients, though, anxiety and discomfort can be greater concerns, and we have the ability to address that, allowing the patient to relax and be sedated, enjoy a “twilight” experience, or be fully anesthetized during the oral surgeon’s work. This is great for the patient and helps to complete the procedure quickly and straightforwardly for the best healing results. In addition, our anesthesia is part of care by a licensed physician which can be important as part of our patients’ total medical picture.

A Full-Service Oral Surgeon Performing Procedures Simple to Extremely Complex

It’s a great feeling to know that your practitioner has skills and capabilities far beyond the procedure for which you’re visiting. Our dentist is an experienced head and neck surgeon as well as oral surgeon, and he performs complex reconstructive surgery as well as specific dental and maxillofacial procedures. You can be sure that he’s “in the zone” no matter what your treatment needs are, which is a very good feeling.

Bone Grafts and Jaw Treatments — Preparation for Follow Up Procedures Like Implants

When your oral surgeon performs an extraction, you may want to plan for a future replacement of the tooth such as an implant. When we talk about your treatment plan, you may want to consider bone grafts and other jaw enhancement techniques that will help to support the placement of implants. We want you to enjoy the best dental health and function possible in the future, so we want to work with you to make it happen.

Our Caring Team Is With You During Surgery and Follow Up

When you read practitioner reviews, one thing stands out: patients want and expect a caring, friendly team from the front desk to the space where the oral surgeon does his work. It makes sense, as a big part of your experience comes from being treated as a person, respected and valued and your needs met. Our team is a selected group of caring, compassionate, and highly skilled people who are here to make sure your whole experience, as well as your treatment, contributes towards your overall comfort, health, and wellness.

Keeping It Simple with Single-Visit Procedures

You may have experienced dental procedures that required many visits over time to get the work done, requiring lots of absences from work and other inconveniences. Where possible, our unique surgical environment can allow us to get you comfortable and carefully complete your entire procedure in a single visit. We know your time is precious but you also want top-quality care, and we work with you to make sure we provide the optimum result.

Making It Easy for You to Get Your Urgent and Elective Dental Work Done

Even for urgent work, many patients take the time to make sure that they are visiting an oral surgeon who provides the best outcomes, the greatest comfort, and attention to their convenience. Our office can help you finish your search and get your urgent dental needs and elective procedures done. We’re top rated, we have the facilities to help you relax and be confident while we take care of you, and we value our patients’ time and convenience. In other words, the choice is easy, so welcome!

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery the Way You Want It

Let our experienced team organize an experience that you’ll find as comfortable and convenient as possible with results that you’ll be confident in. At NextGen OMS, our Frisco, TX area patients are glad they found us, and we’re ready to welcome you to a positive oral and maxillofacial surgery experience. Call us at 817-349-9122.