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Our Oral Surgeon Is Also A Full Head And Neck Surgeon For Comprehensive Care | Frisco, TX

Our Oral Surgeon Is Also A Full Head And Neck Surgeon For Comprehensive Care | Frisco, TX

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An Expert Oral Surgeon and So Much More

There’s no better feeling than knowing your teeth are under the care of an expert oral surgeon. Even better, our DMD-degree oral surgeon is also an MD-degree physician with expertise in the care of the entire head and neck. From simple concerns such as wisdom teeth extraction to more complex injuries, tumors, and reconstruction, Dr. Eftekhari has big-picture understanding and does a wonderful job of taking care of you.

Extractions and Implants, Simple or Complex

We offer various ways to help you relax during procedures, but perhaps the most effective thing we have to offer is an expert surgeon. Knowing that you are in good hands with a dentist and doctor who is highly skilled can do wonders for your peace of mind. In addition, we offer services such as bone grafts to enhance the success of extraction and dental implant procedures and lead to better outcomes overall.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Rebuilding or replacing your entire set of teeth, top and bottom, can be the right answer for many situations from decay and gum issues to cosmetic upgrades. It’s essentially starting from scratch, and can be the finishing touch when we’re reconstructing your face and jaw after an accident, or simply a process of renewal that lets you look great and eat comfortably, often for the first time in quite a while.

Adult and Pediatric Oral Surgery

As care providers for adult and pediatric patients, you know we take special care to ensure our patients are comfortable and relaxed. That makes us an excellent choice for all of your oral surgery needs, from extractions to jaw correction, oral pathology concerns, and facial trauma, with special care for growing children.

In-Office Anesthesia and IV Sedation

Since our office offers major head and neck surgery as well as the dental skills of our oral surgeon, we are fully equipped for anesthesia or IV sedation during your procedure. We know your dental health is important, and we want to make sure that you feel comfortable to visit us for treatment.

Bone Grafting

You may have heard that the jawbone recedes over time when teeth are lost, and for other reasons you may need bone grafts to support your existing structures, especially for implants. Grafts may also be recommended for impacted wisdom tooth situations, socket preservation, sinus lift procedures to allow implants in the upper jaw, and alveolar ridge augmentation for aesthetic or implant purposes.

Oral Cavity and Tongue Biopsies and Reconstruction

Your dentist may be scanning your mouth with a special light to identify risks for oral cancer, but what if something is found? We provide expert biopsy procedures in Frisco, TX to identify concerns, both around the oral cavity and on the tongue. If removal of tissue is required to resolve tumor growth, our reconstruction expert will provide a recovery plan to restore your function and appearance. Even if tumors have grown to involve the jaw bone or other structures, they are well within our advanced facial reconstruction abilities.

Salivary Gland Disorders

If you have Sjogren’s syndrome that leads to a dry mouth, viral infections of your salivary glands, cancerous or non-cancerous tumors, cysts, “stones,” or bacterial infections, look to us for thorough treatment of your condition. An important part of addressing conditions of the salivary glands is proper diagnosis, and we have the skills and experience to provide the resolution that you need.

Jaw Reconstructive Surgery

Jaw damage doesn’t just come from a well-placed punch. In addition to broken jaws, we treat improperly developed jaws, damage to the jaw from automobile accidents or other facial injuries, and damage from tumor growth. As part of our oral surgeon’s practice, we also can handle jaw reconstruction as part of a much larger facial reconstruction process, coordinated for the best outcome.

Oral and Facial Cancers

Oral and facial cancer progression can weaken and damage important facial structures as well as tissue, so it’s important to get it diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. If you have risk factors including tobacco use, make sure that you have regular and thorough screenings, and treat any unusual-looking areas of your mouth or facial skin including your lips as reason to schedule an exam. We have the ability to remove tumors and rebuild damage, but it is very satisfying to resolve any cancerous growths when they are minimal.


Diagnosis of TMJ includes listening to your jaw while it’s in motion and feeling the joint’s movement, checking the range of motion, and identifying pain points around the jaw. In addition, X-rays, CT scans, and MRI imaging can be useful, and even arthroscopy using a small camera can help identify the cause of the discomfort and motion issues. Once the causes and concerns are identified, our oral surgeon will prepare a treatment plan aimed at comfortable and proper jaw movement and treatment of specific jaw pain.

Facial Pain Management

Managing facial pain requires an in-depth knowledge of the nervous system as it applies to facial anatomy. A variety of solutions can be applied, with the best results coming from an understanding of how the pain is arising, whether it is from damage, infection, muscle pain or a specific condition that requires treatment. Our expert oral surgeon and head and neck surgeon is in a unique position to diagnose pain no matter where in your mouth and head it originates, and to create a treatment plan that encompasses all the factors that can help resolve your situation. We invite you to visit us even if you haven’t found much reason for hope with more limited-scope specialists.

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Visiting NextGen OMS for treatment by our Frisco, TX oral surgeon is unlike most dental visits you’ve experienced. Our combination of head and neck surgery skills and full-service oral surgeon expertise plus medically-supervised sedation or anesthesia is second to none. Call us for care: 817-349-9122