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Summer Is The Ideal Time For Wisdom Teeth Removal | Richardson, TX

Summer Is The Ideal Time For Wisdom Teeth Removal | Richardson, TX

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First of all, if you need to have your wisdom teeth extracted because an infection has set in or you’re experiencing pain, you shouldn’t put it off until any season. However, if your wisdom teeth aren’t posing an immediate problem, you should consider having them removed this summer for reasons we’ll outline here. Wisdom teeth removal is a staple service at NextGen OMS in Richardson, TX. Our oral surgeons are highly trained, caring, and devoted to helping each patient protect their smile. If you’re not sure if you should opt for wisdom teeth removal in the coming weeks, here are some reasons why summer is the ideal time to have these teeth extracted.

Easier to Schedule Time Off

Many employers are used to employees taking time off for summer vacations, so it may be easier for you to schedule time off for your wisdom teeth removal or in order to care for your teen or young adult’s oral surgery. Many people feel at their worst within a couple of days of their wisdom teeth removal, but gradually the discomfort subsides. While you may not need a full week to recover, you will likely need to take several days off from your job; some people may need longer depending on their extraction, the presence of infection, or discomfort level. If you opt for a summertime wisdom tooth extraction, you’ll probably have an easier time getting time away from work.

Oral Surgeon Scheduling Flexibility

Many oral surgery practices have more flexibility in their summer schedules. Many patients and their families are spending the summer traveling or enjoying fun seasonal activities. Fall tends to be a busy time for the dental profession, in general, so if you have a tight schedule yourself, you may find that it’s easy to get the time slots you want for your wisdom teeth removal in the summer. Keep in mind that at NextGen OMS, we allow for time in our schedules for oral surgery emergencies that come up. So, if your wisdom teeth require more immediate extraction, we will strive to accommodate your needs as soon as possible.

Sunlight Feels Good

Summertime’s abundance of sunlight and fresh air may not cancel out any pain that occurs after wisdom teeth extraction, but it may help promote healing. Often, people do generally feel more comfortable recovering from any type of surgery in the summer. With a reduced risk for cold and flu during the summer, patients can usually count on a more pleasant recovery. Take a seat on your patio or porch and relax in the fresh air.

Help from Family Members

Another reason to squeeze in your wisdom teeth removal this summer is that your family members or friends may be more accessible to help you. You’ll need a ride to and from your oral surgery. During the summer, your family near Richardson, TX, may find it easier to take time out of their own schedule to help out. It’s important to let nearby family members know about your surgery so they can check in on you. In the event of complications, you may need help picking up prescriptions or coming back to the office to meet with your oral surgeon.

It’s Treat Weather

After you have your wisdom teeth pulled, you’ll need to rely on liquids and soft foods for a bit. Summertime is smoothie weather. Summer is a wonderful time to indulge in ice cream or other soft treats like applesauce or tapioca pudding. Generally, you should try to focus on a soft food diet for a week after your wisdom teeth extraction. Many people, especially those who have multiple wisdom teeth removed, try to stick with soft foods for an even longer period of time. Your NextGen OMS oral surgeon will be able to recommend the ideal course of action for you based on your individual surgery.

Summer Break and Teen Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Many patients who have their wisdom teeth removed are older teens and young adults. It can be difficult for students in high school or college to take time out from their studies for wisdom teeth removal. While young adults typically recover from this type of oral surgery relatively quickly, sometimes complications arise. If problems do occur, that can necessitate more downtime–and time off from school.

By scheduling your oral surgery in the summer, you can devote part of your break to the healing process, knowing you have plenty of time to relax. You’ll be less stressed about missing school or trying to keep up with assignments when you don’t feel well. The most common type of complication after wisdom teeth removal is an infection, which can be very painful. It’s important to stay in touch with your oral surgeon so you can be treated if a post-surgical infection sets in or you experience some other type of complication.

At NextGen OMS of Richardson, TX, we can schedule your wisdom teeth surgery any time of year. However, if you get it over and done within the summer, you’ll have plenty of time to heal so you can enjoy your fall and the delicious leadup to the holidays! If you are experiencing pain in the area of your back molars, don’t wait to have your teeth checked out.

If you need your wisdom teeth pulled, you can schedule your surgery with NextGen OMS this summer. It’s always important to investigate tooth pain. If an infection is present, the sooner it’s treated, the better. Our oral surgeons will provide you with a comprehensive checkup and recommend the ideal course for your dental needs. We offer a wide range of oral surgery solutions. Contact us to schedule your checkup today.