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Oral Surgeon: Sedation Dentistry For Oral Surgery | Richardson, TX

Oral Surgeon: Sedation Dentistry For Oral Surgery | Richardson, TX

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Many people put off going to the dentist because of nervousness or fear – and believe us, dental phobia is a very real thing! At NextGen OMS in Richardson, TX, we’ve seen plenty of patients who are nervous the moment they sit down in a dentist’s chair. However, missing regular check-ups because you’re nervous from a previous bad experience at the dentist can have serious consequences for your oral health, and small problems can get worse, left undiagnosed and untreated. Dental complications often mean a trip to see your oral surgeon.

Luckily for many of our patients, we use leading-edge dental technology and techniques to reduce the pain of oral surgery and help calm the fears you have of going to the dentist. We offer sedation dentistry, an option for your oral surgery procedure with your local oral surgeon. Let’s take a closer look at what this involves.

Dental Phobia Can Be A Threat to Your Oral Health

If your dental anxiety is keeping you from seeking treatment from your local oral surgeon, or if you’re putting off necessary procedures, such as a root canal or dental implant procedures, then you may benefit from sedation dentistry. Many of our patients have a phobia of the dentist based on prior bad experiences or even just hearing unpleasant stories from friends or family about common procedures such as wisdom teeth extraction or root canals. These perceptions get in the way of patients seeking valuable, necessary treatment.

For example, left untreated, impacted wisdom teeth can lead to infection and an abscess or even affect your ability to open and close your jaw. Delaying dental implants to replace a missing tooth can lead to bone loss in your jaw and shifting and misalignment of your other teeth.

Sedation Dentistry Can Increase Your Relaxation During Oral Surgery Procedures

As your Richardson, TX, oral surgeon, we strive to make our patients as comfortable as possible while you’re undergoing procedures in our office. We provide individual consultations to give you all the information you need about your procedure and what it will entail. We also offer IV sedation to our patients, which produces a deeply relaxed, sleep-like state.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

IV dental sedation at your oral surgeon office can have many benefits:

  • Alters your sense of time passing, which allows you to endure longer treatment sessions or complicated procedures
  • Helps fidgety or restless patients remain still and calm during the procedure
  • Prevents you from forming unpleasant memories of your treatment
  • You remain able to communicate, but your fear and anxiety is reduced significantly

Options For Sedation Dentistry

NextGen OMS recommends IV sedation for your oral surgeon procedures. However, we also have other kinds of sedation dentistry options, including nitrous oxide. All sedation methods are recommended on an individual basis, and we will have a consultation before the procedure. Some of these methods may require preparation in advance of your oral surgery, so make sure that you fully understand your pre-procedure requirements.

Sedation Dentistry FAQs

What does sedation dentistry entail, exactly?

When you choose IV Conscious Sedation, you’ll receive an intravenous injection and receive medication that is directly controlled during the course of your procedure. You’ll have a natural, light “sleep” during the procedure. Oral sedation is ingesting prescription medication prior to your dental visit to help you feel more relaxed.

Will I feel pain if I use dental sedation during my treatment?

We administer the local anesthetic only after you are sedated. The anesthetic numbs most of the pain, and many of our patients are more receptive to having it administered once the sedation takes effect.

How can I be more comfortable during surgery?

With properly administered anesthetic and the use of precision equipment, many dental procedures are mostly painless. The most many patients feel is a bit of pressure during the process. After the procedure is complete, some soreness and tenderness are to be expected, but we also provide aftercare instructions to minimize this.

Is sedation dentistry safe?

When properly administered at an oral surgeon’s office, sedation dentistry is completely safe. We are licensed, trained, and experienced medical professionals who use the safest and most reliable sedation methods. Our team will monitor you closely during the entire procedure – your safety is the most important thing. Before you receive sedation, we will go over your medical history, your current medications and evaluate whether you are a good candidate for sedation dentistry.

Is IV sedation better than oral sedation?

There are many reasons we prefer IV sedation for our patients over oral sedation. Firstly, IV sedation is quickly reversible with an antidote, should that become necessary. Secondly, the dosage of medication in your IV is completely customized and fully controlled and monitored during the procedure. Oral medication, on the other hand, can be more challenging to monitor.

When medication is administered directly into the veins, it begins to take effect immediately, and we can monitor its effect. With a pill, the effects can take between 30 – 45 minutes to happen, and even then, you may be oversedated or understated. IV sedation offers speed and accuracy.

What are dental sedation qualifications?

You’re in good hands. Texas requires all dentists and oral surgeons who provide sedation dentistry to obtain an anesthesia permit through the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners. To obtain this licensure, a dentist or oral surgeon is required to submit to the highest evaluation and follow strict standards. Sedation dentists must remain in good standing with the TSBDE, including continuing education to retain the permit and license.

Will my dental insurance cover sedation dentistry?

While dental sedation is often considered an option, not a medical necessity, and therefore not covered, every plan and policy differs. We recommend you speak with your insurance provider about this option.

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