Siavash Siv Eftekhari, M.D., DMD


Why consider dental implants?

Why consider dental implants?


Dental implants are medical devices surgically implanted in order restore a person’s use of regular chewing. Dental implants are a popular and effective way to replace missing teeth and are designed to blend in with your other teeth. Dental implants are made up of titanium and other materials that are compatible with the human body. They are posts that are surgically placed in the upper or lower jaw, where they function as a sturdy anchor for replacement teeth. Dental implants provide support for artificial (fake) teeth, such as crowns, bridges, or dentures.


When a tooth is lost due to injury or disease, a person can experience complications such as rapid bone loss, defective speech, or changes to chewing patterns that result in discomfort. Replacing a lost tooth with a dental implant can significantly improve the patient’s quality of life and health.


There are three phases to getting a dental implant:

  • First, Dr. Eftekhari surgically places the implant into the jawbone.
  • Next, the bone around the implant heals in a process called osseointegration (“combines with the bone”). Some patients might need to wait until the implant is completely integrated, up to several months, before replacement teeth can be attached to the implant. Other patients can have the implants and replacement teeth placed all in one visit.
  • Finally, placement of the artificial tooth/teeth. For a single tooth implant, your dentist will customize a new tooth for you, called a dental crown. The crown will be based on size, shape, color and fit, and will be designed to blend in with your other teeth. If you are replacing more than a single tooth, custom-made bridges or dentures will be made to fit your mouth and your implants.


Your overall health is an important factor in determining whether you are a good candidate for dental implants, how long it will take to heal, and how long the implant may stay in place. The healing process for the implant body may take several months or longer.


Benefits of Dental Implant Systems:

  • Restores the ability to chew
  • Restores cosmetic appearance
  • Helps keep the jawbone from shrinking due to bone loss
  • Preserves the health of the surrounding bone and gums
  • Helps keep adjacent (nearby) teeth stable
  • Improves quality of life


All medical procedures involve levels of risk. If you’re interested in the dental implant procedure, be sure to speak with Dr. Eftekhari first about the specific risks/benefits involved for you. If you are in good general health this treatment may be an option for you. In fact, your health is more of a factor than your age. You may be medically evaluated by Dr. Eftekhari before any implant surgery is scheduled.

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