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Waiting Hurts: When to Call Your Plano, TX Oral Surgeon

Waiting Hurts: When to Call Your Plano, TX Oral Surgeon

Have you ever told yourself a “little white lie” about your health because it was easier? Maybe you tried to convince yourself you didn’t feel that little tickle in your throat when you suspected you were getting sick, or that you weren’t really squinting when you were actually overdue for new glasses. Dentistry is a part of healthcare that gets neglected far too often by those living in Plano, TX, particularly when the associated issues don’t feel dire enough to visit an oral surgeon

Here’s the uncomfortable truth: when dental damage, decay, or disorders have gotten bad enough to cause you discomfort, they’re well on their way to becoming rapidly worse, and you need the intervention of an oral surgeon. What is only a mild “twinge” one day may evolve into an extremely painful problem only a few short days later, leaving the patient unable to eat, drink, or even sleep without distracting levels of pain. 

My Jaw / Mouth / Cheek is Sore, Hot to the Touch, and Throbbing.

This likely means you may have an infection in your tooth or somewhere in your mouth. While you can use methods like an ice pack or anti-inflammatory medicine to address some of the symptoms, you’ll need to get to the root – no pun intended – of the cause to make the pain stop for good. A visit to a skilled Plano area oral surgeon will help repair or remove the offending tooth or teeth, potentially after a course of prescribed antibiotics, depending on the scope of the problem.

I Think I Can Fix it With a Remedy I Found on the Internet.

No home remedy can take the place of an experienced, licensed, professional oral surgeon when it’s needed: in fact, the DIY approach can cause more harm than good if the wrong techniques or materials are used on an active injury or infection. While we think it’s important to be in tune with the health and well-being of your own body, without an X-ray machine and a licensed oral surgeon at your disposal, making an appointment is always going to be the better choice for your overall health. 

I Lost, Broke, or Significantly Chipped a Tooth in an Accident.

Ignoring “cosmetic” tooth problems is a very common mistake – those with chipped or broken teeth believe they can simply be cautious and avoid chewing with those teeth. The problem with this approach is that the upper and lower jaw are ideally shaped to work as a unit. Just like a car couldn’t drive properly if a wheel was bent on an axis, that “harmless” chipped or broken tooth can actually cause jaw pain from misalignment over time. 

I Know I Need Oral Surgery, I Just Haven’t Gotten Around to it.

If you’ve been told by a dentist that you need oral surgery to repair or correct an oral defect, waiting will only end up hurting you. Referrals to oral surgeons aren’t given lightly, and they are generally only recommended when fast action is the best option for the patient. Waiting too long can, for example, make the shared x-rays outdated, requiring a new examination to reorient your dental treatment plan. Depending on your dental insurance clauses, waiting to have your surgery may also leave you with a larger out-of-pocket responsibility. If a dentist has insisted you book an appointment, make sure you do!

My Wisdom Teeth Should Be Fine. I Think.

Wisdom teeth may have a “smart” name, but sometimes people make questionable decisions about them. Depending on the angle they emerge, if they emerge at all, failing to have them removed by an oral surgeon in a timely manner can lead to painful impaction, sores, and pressure. In order for your working teeth and gums to have the space they need to chew food, move your mouth as you talk, and more, wisdom teeth usually need to be removed at a certain point. A licensed oral surgeon can make the procedure a smooth, virtually pain-free process, so there’s no reason to delay: if you’re feeling apprehensive, just ask your surgeon to go over your treatment plan with you and explain the benefits of removing your wisdom teeth – hearing the process from a professional puts many dental-phobic patients at ease. 

My Dentures Still Sort of Fit. 

Whether you’re hanging on to an old plate because you are reluctant to book your oral surgery appointment, or you are looking to move into dental implants, it all starts with a call. Your oral surgeon will need to review your specific x-rays and discuss your case with you in order to present a treatment plan. Don’t wait until your only pair of dentures is lost or broken to start the ball rolling on your replacement. 

I’m Worried it will Hurt More!

Dental-phobia happens to many people for many different reasons – thankfully, the right staff at our kind, caring, and patient-focused Plano, TX oral surgeon’s office can help. NextGen OMS offers transparent treatment plans (so you won’t feel out of the loop), available IV sedation (for when you want to be out of the loop), and a professional oral surgery team ready to answer all your questions. We understand your concerns, and we can’t wait to show you what the right approach to your oral surgery needs can do to quiet anxiety. 

If you’re ready to stop hurting and start enjoying eating, drinking, talking, and living your life to the fullest again, it’s time to call the professionals. At NexGen OMS, we’re proud to serve the residents of Plano, TX and offer our proven oral surgery skills for everything from wisdom tooth removal to biopsies of tongue and cheek tissues, as well as reconstructive options for those with damage to the mouth and teeth. When you walk into our oral surgery office, we want to give you a reason to smile – both during your customized treatment, and every day after to show off our handiwork.

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