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Talented Oral Surgeon For Wisdom Teeth Removal | Frisco, TX

Talented Oral Surgeon For Wisdom Teeth Removal | Frisco, TX

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Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that come during early adulthood. Unfortunately, they rarely come in without causing some problems with your other teeth. Your dentist may recommend that you visit an oral surgeon to have your wisdom teeth taken out if they come in at an odd angle or threaten the alignment of your other teeth.

At NextGen OMS near Frisco, TX, we have one of the premier oral surgeons in Texas on staff. Dr. Eftekhari has extensive dental and medical education and experience including surgery for complicated wisdom teeth removal.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Cause Dental Issues?

Most children get their second set of molars at around age 12. These teeth appear in the upper and lower jaw. Wisdom teeth come in much later, potentially as late as your early 20s. Unfortunately, you don’t really need these teeth for chewing or other essential functionality. In fact, wisdom teeth are a throwback to the days when humans were hunter-gatherers and needed extra teeth to grind up raw roots and other foods.

While it’s easier for modern man to find a meal, we still have to deal with the complications of third molars. Since our jawlines have become shorter over the eons, our mouths aren’t really equipped to support 32 teeth. This can cause a number of issues, including the following:

  • Pain and pressure
  • Misalignment of other teeth
  • Infections
  • Greater risk for gum disease
  • Crowded teeth

The two sets of molars that come in during your adolescent years are more than sufficient to prepare food for digestion. In order to avoid problems, many dentists recommend having wisdom teeth removed.

Oversized wisdom teeth don’t seem to realize that we don’t need them anymore. In fact, they come in upside down and angled towards other teeth as if they function alone. If you have complications resulting from the development of wisdom teeth, your dentist will often refer you to an oral surgeon specifically trained in the surgical removal of impacted and troublesome wisdom teeth.

Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Removal

There are a number of benefits to removing your wisdom teeth before they create trouble. For example, wisdom teeth removal prevents issues with oral hygiene. Once wisdom teeth grow in, even if they don’t become impacted or infected, they can crowd your other teeth and make it difficult to maneuver behind the third molars to properly clean your mouth.

Having an oral surgeon extract your wisdom teeth makes sense if you want to avoid the risk of infections, misalignment of teeth, and pain and pressure associated with emerging wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Can Crowd Your Mouth

Modern humans no longer need wisdom teeth, and they often become a threat to the teeth you do need. Your mouth cannot typically accommodate four extra teeth. Therefore, many people experience headaches, infections and discomfort as side effects of incoming wisdom teeth.

If you have worn braces or other alignment appliances, allowing your wisdom teeth to grow in can cause major problems with your perfectly aligned smile. Unless you want to put your braces back on, it’s worth it to avoid issues with crowded teeth and undergo wisdom teeth removal.

Do Wisdom Teeth Damage Nearby Teeth?

Even when wisdom teeth come in normally, they are difficult to clean. There’s often little to no space behind your wisdom teeth to brush and floss properly. This puts you at risk for infections that can spread to nearby teeth and roots. Rather than work around your wisdom teeth, it may be a good idea to get them extracted to avoid problems with nearby molars.

Wisdom Teeth and the Risk of Oral Diseases

Besides cavities and gum disease, wisdom teeth can cause other issues. Even when they come in normally, they can cause problems later in life. Many times, they become infected or inflamed and can trigger advanced gum disease.

Pulling your third molars can prevent discomfort and harm later in life. Remember that these teeth are not essential to proper chewing and other functionality. However, they can cause you a great deal of pain and discomfort.

Why Do I Need an Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons such as Dr. Eftekhari at NextGen OMS treat numerous conditions that impact the face and mouth. Oral surgeons go through five years of special training for surgery and also become experts on the administration of anesthesia. This makes them uniquely qualified to handle complicated wisdom teeth removal procedures.

You may feel awkward going to a doctor you haven’t met before. However, if your dentist has referred you to NextGen OMS, they understand that we have an excellent reputation for performing flawless surgeries such as wisdom tooth extractions.

Whether you have one or four third molars that need to come out, we’ll spell out your treatment plan during your consultation. It’s very important to us that you understand how the procedure will go and what to expect during the recovery period. We welcome any questions that you may have, and you can call our office at any time to clarify concerns about your particular case.

When it comes to wisdom teeth removal in Frisco, TX, many dentists prefer to refer clients to oral surgeons who specialize in this type of procedure. We welcome new clients, and our staff will make you feel at home. From wisdom teeth removal to complicated reconstructive surgery, Dr. Eftekhari can assist patients in need of hundreds of different oral and facial surgeries.

Contact NextGen OMS today to schedule a consultation regarding wisdom teeth removal. We are happy to provide unparalleled customer service and skilled wisdom teeth removal to clients in Frisco, TX, and the surrounding areas.