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Oral Surgery and Sedation: Everything You Need to Know About Your Oral Surgeon | Frisco, TX

Oral Surgery and Sedation: Everything You Need to Know About Your Oral Surgeon | Frisco, TX

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Maxillofacial and dentistry sedation are commonplace practice to your oral surgeon and clinic’s staff, but you may not be aware of the sedation options you have when undergoing a minor or extensive surgical procedure. At NextGen OMS, we offer various forms of sedation for our Frisco, TX, patients. However, there are different measures to determine what type of sedation is ideal for you and in association with the procedure that will be performed. In our experience, many patients want to be sedated so that they don’t feel any discomfort, but we also have patients who feel uncomfortable about undergoing sedation. Here, we’ll take some time to outline our different options so that you can be prepared for your visit.

When Is Sedation Warranted for a Dental or Maxillofacial Procedure?

Many procedures performed at NextGen OMS are lengthy or quite involved. So, sedation is a usual practice at our clinic. Surgeons rely on sedation to ensure that patients are as comfortable and calm during the procedure as possible. We feature sedation types that enhance the benefits of analgesic or pain-relieving medications. Many patients who are nervous about oral surgery or maxillofacial surgery like jaw surgery could experience heightened fears during procedures. However, sedation prevents those feelings from occurring, allowing the patient to rest or relax in comfort. And, then, of course, the attending physician and assistants can relax into their work without distractions.

Be sure to talk to the oral surgeon about your feelings on the matter. If you have a phobia of dental procedures or are nervous, it’s helpful for our clinicians to know. They can then choose the best solution for you as well as the surgical procedure in question.

What Are Some Common Sedation Procedures for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery?

Typically, patients first visit our maxillofacial and oral surgeon for a consultation to discuss the procedures in question. During this time, your surgeon can explain all the ins and outs of the procedure as well as what types of sedation can be used. Sedation is helpful for both patients and the oral surgeon. Patients can undergo their surgical procedure free from pain. The surgeon can perform the procedure without any distractions from the patient–which would be quite understandable if they were experiencing severe pain or discomfort.

When you undergo your procedure, you might expect sedation in the form of:

  • Oral Sedation: this type of medication may be provided in pill form prior to the surgery. It can help quell anxiety for the patient.


  • Nitrous oxide: nitrous oxide takes effect quickly after the patient inhales this gas through a mask. When under this form of sedation, patients should experience relaxation during the procedure.


  • IV Sedation: these sedatives are delivered to the patient’s bloodstream intravenously. They are ideal for procedures that require a longer time frame. They also take effect on the patient with immediate results.

How Is the Form of Sedation Chosen?

In most cases, the surgeon will advise patients of the preferred sedative. However, many surgeons are happy to listen to patients’ concerns or past experiences with a certain sedative. At NextGen OMS, we want patients to feel comfortable about each aspect of their procedure, including the sedative that will be used. Also, sometimes a patient may have a certain health condition–and illness or even pregnancy that will necessarily inform the surgeon’s decision about providing medical treatment and sedatives.

Typically, our oral surgeon considers what sedation is not only best for the treatment in question but also the patient specifically. Various factors affect the choice of sedation, including:

  • Procedure/surgery: a more complicated and lengthy surgery may require a longer-acting sedation type as well as one that ensures patient comfort.


  • Patient’s preference: our oral surgeon at NextGen OMS always listens to patients and takes their preference into consideration. Patients who are fearful of needles may prefer the oral sedation or nitrous oxide. If these forms of sedation are applicable to the procedure, the oral surgeon may opt for them.


  • Medical history: it’s always essential to take a patient’s medical history into consideration when choosing sedation types. If you’ve ever had an adverse reaction to anesthesia, an alternative option is likely better for you.

Of course, your health and the presence of a medical condition can also alter our surgeons’ views on the matter. When you visit for a consultation, you can address all your specific criteria that will help our oral surgeon make the best sedation choice for you.

How to Prepare for Your Procedure

The consultation is important because it allows our team to prepare and help patients to prepare for their surgery. For instance, if a patient will be getting IV sedation, they must fast for a certain amount of time before the procedure. Patients taking oral medication will need to ingest it a certain amount of time in advance so that it will take effect for the procedure. Our support staff will provide all the information clients need to know in order to prepare for their specific procedure at our clinic. We always consider the form of sedation in order to prepare our clients for their appointment.

In many cases, patients who will undergo sedation will require transportation to and from their appointment as they may not be fit to drive themselves while under the influence of the sedative. We recommend that patients come accompanied with a responsible adult who can escort them home and ensure that they get there safely. The effects of the sedation may not be fully reversed when patients exit our care. The presence of a responsible adult will be of comfort and use to them.


If you have questions about sedation, contact us to discuss your concerns. NextGen OMS is a leading maxillofacial and oral surgery clinic. We treat a wide range of patients from in and around Frisco, TX. We prioritize our patients’ comfort and care. Contact us to schedule your consultation with our maxillofacial and oral surgeon today.