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How To Find A Good Oral Surgeon | McKinney, TX

How To Find A Good Oral Surgeon | McKinney, TX

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Although a general dentist can take care of many aspects of your oral health, there are some procedures that require an oral surgeon. For example, these surgeons handle complicated tooth extractions, including wisdom teeth removal, for which dentists may not have the right experience or expertise. These surgeons also fit dental implants, carry out surgeries for patients who have cancer, and perform reconstructive surgeries to restore the jaw or other parts of the face.

What Is an Oral Surgeon?

An oral surgeon is not the same thing as a dentist. They have completed many years of extra training to allow them to complete specialist surgeries that are often far more complex than the procedures that dentists carry out.

Some surgeons also have other specialisms, such as maxillofacial surgery. This type of surgery extends beyond the mouth to the head, neck, and jaw. This type of surgeon is the right type of surgeon to see if you need reconstructive surgery in your jaw or in the surrounding tissues.

Starting Your Search for an Oral Surgeon in McKinney, TX

Some patients are referred to a surgeon by their dentist. If your dentist does not offer a referral or a recommendation, or you would rather approach a surgeon directly, then a great place to start is looking for information online.

On the NextGen OMS website, you can view testimonials from real patients. We display our Google reviews on the site so that you can get an honest idea of how past patients have rated their experiences with our team.

Meet Dr. Eftekhari, Oral Surgeon in McKinney, TX

If you choose to undergo oral surgery at the NextGen Surgery Center, you will be under the care of Dr. Eftekhari, M.D., DMD. As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Eftekhari has not only completed dental school but also completed years of surgical residency where he trained alongside experienced surgeons to develop his surgical skills.

With many years of experience in carrying out surgical procedures, Dr. Eftekhari is one of the most skilled and experienced practitioners in the McKinney area. You can be sure that you are in safe hands when you choose to let him and his team handle your oral surgery.

Why Choose NextGen OMS as Your Oral Surgeon?

NextGen OMS offers an exceptionally high level of service to patients in the McKinney area of Texas. In addition to surgical skills, you can expect to receive excellent customer care. We prioritize patient communication and are always happy to answer any questions that you might have about oral surgery or your oral health in general.

NextGen OMS for Anxious Patients

NextGen OMS offers a range of sedation options to keep you comfortable and calm during the surgery. With full training in anesthesiology, our team can sedate you in complete safety, allowing you to sleep or drowse through a surgery and retain little memory of it when you wake.

Sedation dentistry is a great option for anxious patients, as it allows them to undergo procedures that might otherwise cause them high levels of stress or even panic. If you struggle with anxiety over dental and medical procedures, do not hesitate to bring this up with your NextGen OMS surgeon. We are keen to accommodate the needs of all patients, including those who feel a little more nervous than others.

Consider Aftercare When Choosing an Surgeon 

Getting good aftercare after oral surgery is just as important as having a good experience in the surgical center itself. For many people, the recovery from oral surgery is more difficult than the procedure, which often passes very quickly and with very little discomfort.

Dr. Eftekhari is passionate about the importance of good aftercare. The whole team here at NextGen OMS is keen to ensure that patients leave the surgical center feeling comfortable and with everything they need to ensure a successful recovery. This might include prescription pain medications, antibiotics to prevent infection, and instructions about how to relieve discomfort and keep the surgical site clean over the next few days.

If you have any questions during your recovery, you can always get in touch with the NextGen OMS team. We are always happy to hear from patients and strive to do our utmost to help them to make a full and speedy recovery.

Schedule an Initial Appointment With Your Oral Surgeon

Before you go ahead with oral surgery, it is important to have an initial appointment with your oral surgeon. This appointment gives the surgeon the opportunity to examine your mouth to see the problem that they need to fix. It is also your opportunity to ask questions about the surgery and find out exactly what to expect on the day and during the recovery period.

This appointment also gives you a chance to evaluate the surgical center and the team who work there to ensure that you are comfortable having your oral surgery carried out here. When you visit NextGen OMS for your initial appointment, we are confident that you will feel relaxed and reassured by the calm, clinical, and welcoming atmosphere that we have created in our surgical center.

Call NextGen OMS Today

If you are ready to get in touch with an oral surgeon in McKinney, TX, then it is time for you to give us a call at NextGen OMS. You can also reach us through our website. However you choose to reach out to us, you can be sure that our team is ready to answer any questions you might have and provide all the information you need. Why not schedule a consultation today?