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How To Choose The Best Botox Clinic | Frisco, TX

How To Choose The Best Botox Clinic | Frisco, TX

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When delivered by a board-certified physician in a high-quality medical setting, Botox injections are perfectly safe and effective for reducing the facial signs of aging for both men and women. However, there are many practitioners who are not certified medical doctors and oral/maxillofacial surgeons like Siavash Siv Eftekhari, M.D., DMD, of NextGen OMS is. We’ve heard the horror stories when people visit a medical boutique or beauty spa to obtain this procedure and wind up with a botched job or serious infection. You can avoid these unpleasant outcomes by taking care to choose the best Botox clinic in Frisco, TX. It’s vital to procure cosmetic procedures of this nature from a qualified medical professional with a reputation for securing patient safety as well as best beauty outcomes.

Do Your Research

To find a vetted and qualified physician or surgeon who is certified to administer injections you should be prepared to do your homework. A little research now can save you some lasting headaches later on. First, begin your search for a leading clinic that performs non-invasive beauty procedures by talking to friends and acquaintances. Many people have a surgeon they swear by. If you know someone who recently underwent these treatments, ask them about their experience as well as a some questions such as:

  • What type of setting did they visit?
  • What were the clinic or spa’s credentials?
  • Were the injections delivered by a surgeon? A maxillofacial or cosmetic surgeon?
  • How did the staff treat you?
  • Were you provided with information about the Botox treatments before and after the injections?
  • Were you pleased with the results?
  • Did you experience any negative results after having treatment performed?

Of course, you don’t only want to take one person’s word as a reference, but it definitely helps to know someone who recommends a Botox clinic.

Once you have a clinic and doctor or two in mind for your procedures, take time to research their backgrounds. See if you can locate any online evaluations for these individuals and their associated clinics. These types of assessments may be able to help you narrow down your selection of a Botox provider in Frisco, TX.

Examine Credentials

When opting for Botox treatment, it’s essential to obtain this treatment from a board-certified physician or surgeon. Keep in mind that nurse practitioners and physician assistants are legally permitted to provide injections. However, many surgeons feel compelled to deliver these treatments themselves in order to achieve the best outcomes and put patients at ease.

It’s never a good idea to have this type of procedure performed at a questionable location. Be sure to evaluate your chosen practitioner to make sure they have the proper accreditations to deliver your Botox injections safely–and in a safe, credentialed medical setting. It’s also important to assess the clinician’s experience with these treatments. NextGen OMS, for example, has years of experience with these types of treatments.

Meet for a Consultation

Once you narrow down your search to a medical provider, request a consultation. Not all providers offer free consultations but NextGen OMS does. When you come in for a consultation, come prepared with all of your questions, especially if you’ve never had Botox treatments before. During the consultation, you can get to know your surgeon and find out what to expect when you come in for your injections. During this meeting, you can discuss your cosmetic goals and obtain the surgeon’s advice about how to best achieve them.

When calling around Frisco to try to schedule a consultation, be sure to ask about consultation fees right away so you aren’t surprised when you visit the location. Again, NextGen OMS offers free consultations for our cosmetic treatments. We use this time to get to know patients and educate them about the procedures in question and all they can expect before and after treatment sessions.

Many patients find the consultation portion of prospective treatment to be a relief. It gives them the opportunity to have all their questions and concerns addressed by the medical practitioner. They can also get to know their surgeon so that they feel more comfortable when they return for the actual treatments.

Evaluate the Clinic Setting

Another benefit of visiting a prospective clinic for a consultation is to assess the clinic’s environment. Are you impressed with the level of professionalism exhibited by all the staff–not just the clinicians? Does anything make you feel uncomfortable? Is the setting clean? Do you feel that the staff is attentive to you? Choosing a clinic can be just as important as choosing the surgeon. In fact, read online reviews for the clinic even as they relate to other procedures too. You definitely want to select a clinic that is medically professional in every way.

Understand the Treatment

Finally, before you schedule your injections at any Texas clinic, make sure you fully understand this type of procedure. While you can learn everything you need to know during your consultation, it helps to read up on it in the comfort of your own home. You can take time to read about the benefits or any associated risks of these injections. While largely a safe practice, this type of beauty treatment may not be the ideal course of action for every patient. Your surgeon should be able to discuss your situation in depth during your consultation.


If you want to achieve a more youthful look, our age-defying injections may be right for you. Only, take care that you attend a leading cosmetic clinic before booking your appointments. NextGen OMS has a reputation for outstanding patient care. Our Botox treatments are always delivered in our safe, accredited medical setting. We invite you to visit us to get to know our board-certified staff and professional clinic setting. Call today to schedule your consultation at NextGen OMS.