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Botox Near Me | Frisco, TX

Botox Near Me | Frisco, TX

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Whether you need Botox for medical reasons or want to take a few years off your looks, Dr. Eftekhari can help. Learn more about Botox near me for patients living in Frisco, TX. At NextGen OMS, you can receive an evaluation and Botox injections from a licensed head and neck surgeon. Learn more about how Botox relaxes wrinkles and treats a variety of medical conditions.

Botox Near Me

NextGen OMS serves patients in the DFW area of TX. Botox is actually a brand name for toxins found in food poisoning, but researchers have found cosmetic and functional uses for it. Competitors include Xeomin and Dysport. Dr. Eftekhari can walk through the procedure with you so that you understand the associated risks and benefits. For Texas patients looking for Botox near me, NextGen OMS is conveniently located in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

How Does Botox Relax Wrinkles?

Patients find us after searching for Botox near me in Frisco. After a consultation with the doctor, you’ll likely choose us too. During the procedure, Botox is injected into various sites on your face to relax the muscles and soften lines and wrinkles. It works by interfering with messages from your nerves to the muscles and preventing muscle contractions that deep in lines and wrinkles.

Do you have crow’s feet at the corners of your eyes or forehead lines that make you look older than you like? Botox can help most people who want a younger, fresher look. However, there are limitations. Botox does not alleviate wrinkles and lines caused by gravity or from spending too much time in the sun.

What Does It Feel Like to Get Botox Near Me?

When you come to NextGen OMS for Botox, you receive a local anesthetic to prevent pain and discomfort. However, you are awake through the procedure and can go home directly afterward. The entire process takes just a few moments of your time.

We do not need to use anesthesia for this minimally invasive treatment. Also, we use a fine needle so that we can carefully pinpoint the distribution of Botox. This enables us to focus on specific muscles or muscle groups to achieve the youthful look that you desire.

It takes up to seven days to achieve the full benefit of your Botox treatment. Follow the doctor’s instructions to ensure the best results for healing. Before the procedure, it’s a good idea not to drink, take aspirin or use anti-inflammatory medication. If you feel that you need to use anti-inflammatory medication or aspirin prior to the procedure, please call our office for advice and instructions.

Will the Botox Work for a Long Time?

Botox only relaxes the muscles temporarily. While it varies from individual to individual, you can expect to maintain your youthful looks for three to four months. Since this treatment requires multiple visits to a provider, when looking for Botox near me choose the best qualified medical professional available. Dr. Eftekhari is an accomplished doctor and surgeon with many years’ experience treating patients with surgical and nonsurgical procedures.

As the Botox wears off, muscles awaken, and you begin to notice the wrinkles and lines that were there before the treatment. When this happens, stay calm and make an appointment for a Botox injection. Let us help you reduce frown lines and lines along with the corners of your mouth and neck.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Yes, there may be side effects to using Botox. While the procedure is considered safe and routine after decades on the market, it’s important to be aware of the risk and side effects associated with using Botox.

Some patients report bruising around the injection site for the first few days after the treatment. More rarely, clients suffer headaches that last one to two days. We urge patients who receive Botox injections to lie down for at least an hour following the treatment. Avoid rubbing the injection site so that the Botox stays localized. When Botox travels throughout the body it can cause unintended side effects such as drooping eyelids. If you do happen to have an adverse reaction to Botox, it usually dissipates within three weeks.

When Do We Recommend Patients Avoid Botox?

Certain conditions may trigger adverse reactions if you go ahead with Botox near me. Women who are breastfeeding or pregnant should not receive a Botox injection. Also, children under 18 should avoid getting Botox injections. If you or someone you love has a neurological disorder, Dr. Eftekhari discourages Botox treatment.

Can I Use Botox Near Me for Medical Use?

At NextGen OMS, you receive Botox treatment from an experienced cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon. Dr. Eftekhari uses Botox to treat an array of conditions unrelated to wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Botox injections prevent muscles from contracting involuntarily. This makes it beneficial for numerous conditions, including the following:

  • Cervical dystonia or neck spasms cause painful contortions of the neck. When muscles contract involuntarily, victims of cervical dystonia can experience yanks and twists that cause pain and impact on numerous activities.


  • Lazy eye mainly results from issues with the muscles that support your eye. Botox relaxes these muscles and prevents involuntary movement that can cause issues with the placement of your eye.


  • Involuntary muscle contractions due to cerebral palsy cause an inward contraction of your legs and arms. We are the premier provider of Botox near me for many patients. We can inject Botox into the limbs to help lessen the severity of these contractions.


  • Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes people to sweat profusely even when they are not exercising or stressed. Botox alleviates the condition by reducing excess sweat.

Come to NextGen OMS to find out if Botox can help with your incontinence or eye twitching conditions or reduce lines and wrinkles in your face. Call NextGen OMS in Frisco, TX at (817) 349-9122 to make an appointment today.