Siavash Siv Eftekhari, M.D., DMD


Best Head And Neck Surgeon | Plano, TX

Best Head And Neck Surgeon | Plano, TX

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At NextGen OMS, our head and neck surgeon has extensive training, clinical experience and knowledge when it comes to treating throat, facial, oral, nose and scalp disorders. Dr. Eftekhari is a sought-after surgeon in the area who meets the full list of criteria for this specialty. He has a background in both microvascular reconstructive surgery and oncology of the head and neck. He is also a skilled oral maxillofacial surgeon.

With his unique training, he has become an expert in diagnosing and providing surgical and non-surgical treatment for pathologies, cancers, growths and other disorders of the tongue, jaw, neck, face, tonsils, throat areas. If you need surgical solutions for salivary gland, thyroid and parathyroid glands or cancers of the nose, scalp, face and neck, we can provide advanced reconstructions of these areas following your surgery.

Our surgeon is one of the few subspecialists located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. People come from all over the region, including other states, to make an appointment at our clinic. In addition, Dr. Eftekhari is a member and fellow of the American Head & Neck Society. His professional affiliations include the American College of Surgeons.

Head and Neck Surgeons

A head and neck surgeon attends an accredited residency in order to provide surgical and medical care to clients who need treatment for head and neck related conditions. Diseases and conditions treated by these doctors include any disorders with the upper digestive system and upper respiratory system, as well as any interconnected structures in this area.

A head neck surgeon has the skills, understanding and knowledge of advanced scientific concepts related to the upper respiratory and elementary assistance. Training for this specialty also includes communications and knowledge of speech and audiology. These specialists treat allergies and immunology issues with noninvasive and surgical solutions. They also need an advanced understanding of endocrinology and neurology to work on the interrelated tissues and structures of the head and neck region.

Clinical aspects of being a head and neck surgeon include the diagnosis of diseases, deformities, injuries and disorders of the nose, throat, head and neck region. This includes the tonsils. face, jaw and scalp. Cancers of the face, head and neck involve reconstructive surgical techniques that are fundamental to this specialty.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Head and Neck Surgeon?

Surgery of the head and neck encompasses a five-year education and training program for this specialization. At least nine months of that time training in the surgical sciences. During the final year, candidates must become chief residents within approved institutions.

Head and Neck Surgeon Careers

Head and neck surgeons handle some of the toughest and most complex surgical solutions and techniques. Therefore, it attracts the most driven medical students and practitioners. This is one of the most competitive fields when it comes to obtaining a residency.

This field encompasses several subspecialties such as micro vascular surgery and cancer of the head and neck. Some head and neck surgeons prefer to specialize in otology, facial plastic surgery, or pediatric care. However, Dr. Eftekhari performs surgery to resolve a wide array of pathologies, tumors, cancers and other conditions of the head and neck. He also takes the time to educate clients on their treatment plan and to explain the procedures available during the consultation.

Surgeries associated with head and neck specializations include the removal of growths, tumors and cysts. Surgeons often performed microvascular reconstruction following these procedures. Using endoscopy and other specialized procedures and tools, these surgeons perform complex surgeries on the nose and other areas of the face, head and neck.

Whether you need assistance with getting your tonsils removed or have a bump on your neck or face, Dr. Eftekhari can help you with the diagnosis and treatment of your condition. This specialty is actually one of the oldest, dating back to the 18th century. It is one of the most mature specialties and therefore one of the most advanced.

Experienced Head and Neck Surgeon

NextGen OMS serves patients in the Plano, TX area. Our experienced surgeon performs the most minimally invasive techniques possible to restore the health, function and appearance of structures on the head and neck. We work hard to provide a healing environment with comprehensive treatment options so that you don’t have to go to several specialists. We perform many of our procedures as outpatient procedures so that you can get home faster.

Areas that we treat include the following:

  • Oral cavity
  • Neck
  • Jaw
  • Thyroid and parathyroid glands
  • Sinuses
  • Pharynx
  • Larynx
  • Skin
  • Salivary glands
  • Skull base
  • Sinuses

We welcome new patients and attempt to expedite care in urgent situations. If you have an advanced malignancy or life-threatening disorder, Dr. Eftekhari will do everything in his power to ensure that your case receives priority. Whether you’re looking for care for yourself or a child, NextGen OMS can help. Dr. Eftekhari treats both children and adults.

Using state-of-the-art equipment in locations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, our advanced surgical teams aim to be where clients need us the most. Dr. Eftekhari is a trained oral and maxillofacial surgeon, microvascular reconstructive surgeon, and head and neck oncologist. He has received advanced fellowship training for reconstructive surgery and offers all patients the best treatment available in Plano, TX.

As a new or existing patient, you will be treated with skilling care from the first consultation through the end of your surgical or nonsurgical treatment. All questions are fully addressed and we make sure that your concerns are answered prior to moving forward with the agreed upon treatment.

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